I recently added some testimonials from people who attended the HeartThread workshops I have been doing in the Taos NM area. They can be seen at http://healingthescars.wordpress.com

I have also been experiencing an amazing increase in connection with the birds up the mountain since doing the HeartThread. The chickadees play with me and eat from my hand and knees when I sit up there. They also have been eating from the hands of people I have brought up there. Here are some pics:

3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Ted Slipchinsky

    That is really beautiful to behold, Raphael. The Ones With No Names once said that when the creatures don’t see any difference between their vibration and the vibration you carry they will come to you. The photos made me think of that.

      1. heartouch

        There are more testimonials and photos on the healing the scars blog. Aeveia just mentioned the same quote from the Ones this morning before she went back to Vermont with some video material for you. It is happening! International Interspecies Day 11/11/2011 will be the grand awareness of our interconnection with the species.
        See http://healingthescars.wordpress.com

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