Recent HeartThread Testimonials

Some wonderful new testimonials from recent  HeartThread Sessions (June 2016):

From Ana


Thank you for the HeartThread “Soul Retrieval” yesterday. I slept better than I have slept in weeks! I am learning to communicate from the heart…..slowing down….allowing others their heart space! The session is brilliant in that I don’t have to sit and tell my story; you somehow channel exactly what needs to be said at the present time without my story and we meet in that heart weaving place, and it is medicine. Ana


Another testimonial for Lisa:

I have had two wonderful HeartThread healings with Lisa Farrand. I have felt so much shifting and continue to. There was a release in my TMJ and ears, and pain in throat was gone. I have felt more motivated and positive/connected to my true self. So truly thankful to Lisa and the incredible healer that she is, and her beautiful heart she shares with all!  blessings, J. O.




HeartThread Workshop and Trainings

Have you had challenges lately? Been confronting your old demons? Perhaps you can’t feel settled or at ease? Health issues, relationships, money?
Come experience safety, connection, peace and community
When you are in the HeartThread vibration, you are in a Community of the Heart, you are not alone, and you are releasing old patterns, old stories and old perspectives, and, with ease and grace.
Come see what it feels like to receive and give this healing modality. No mind is required, nor is thinking. One experience of HeartThread can change your life.

HeartThread is a healing modality that transmits a frequency of love, safety and connection through the field of the heart to release old patterns of trauma and conditioning stored in the body. It bypasses the mind and the beliefs and, through sound and touch, communicates directly with the cells. Angels and Guides lead the process, which is tailored to each person’s individual life. We will explore both receiving and giving healing sessions. This is a community collaboration with La Cocina de Balam. The $21fee is shared between La Cocina and the Workshop Facilitator(s)
Call Raphael (575) 770 1228 for more info
The following weekend, 29th through 1st May We are offering a HeartThread practitioner training in Bernalillo, NM
Call Karen (949) 547 4066 for details, directions and info

HeartThread in Santa Fe1

HeartThread Facilitator Training in Boulder CO

We have begun to offer HeartThread facilitator trainings and are fully engaged in spreading this important work around the world. As we train new facilitators who offer HeartThread sessions, the work expands and more people learn how to live with their hearts open.
I am planning to offer a HeartThread facilitator training in Boulder the weekend of the 23rd – 25th January and individual sessions before and after, weather permitting.
If you are interested in attending the training, please contact me (575) 770 1228 or Azlan White (303) 444-0823 to register or indicate your interest.

Please join in the conversation about HeartThread and your experience of a session on our FaceBook page:

New Facilitators

The most recent training for HeartThread Facilitators (left to right) Esme Vaandrager, Rhoda Miller, Francine DiGiorgio, Karen Trujillo-Heffernan (Trainer), Natural and Raphael weisman (Trainer)
Congratulations to the latest graduates who are now amazing HeartThread facilitators. What a powerful training experience for all of us. If you would like to find a minimum of 6 people who would like to receive the training, Karen or Raphael will gladly lead a practitioner training weekend. Please be in touch and call us to talk.
Raphael Weisman (575) 770 1228
Karen Trujillo-Heffernan (949) 547-4066
“I entered the HT space one closed person and came out one open heart, loved, present being; My life is changed forever, down to the very cells of my body. I am grateful for the transformation”
a graduate of the first Santa Fe HT training.
We are extremely grateful to Amata for allowing us to meet at her office and providing such an enriching environment in which to teach and practice. Please support her powerful healing practice and yourself by booking a consultation.

Amata Chiropractic
826 Camino de Monte Rey, Ste A3, Santa Fe
(505) 988-9630

Our next Free Intro to HeartThread will be on the 9th December from 5:45 – 7:45 PM at the La Farge Public Library, 1730 Llano street in Santa Fe



testimonials and photos

I have uploaded a bunch of photos and testimonials from people who attended my last HeartThread workshop in Taos last week I have one more evening planned on the 13th may before i do some traveling. These comments are all from people who have never done HeartThread before, except for one. I start with taking them ijnto HeartThread, then doing two brief demonstrations, then we divide into pairs and take turns to be the practitioner and the client. In a 3 hour session, we manage to each have two turns at being both practitioner and client. At the end I hand out a small index card and ask for their comments and permission to post their photos and comments on my blog. I also ask them to sign a confidentiality agreement at the beginning of the evening. I charge $15 a person and leave 10% at Vista PaZ Taos ( the new version of Taos Peace House) where I hold the meeting.

Please check it out at

Teaching HeartThread

I have begun to teach the HeartTouch to groups in an evening workshop. It seems that an evening from 6:45PM till about 9 PM works well. I ask people to come at 6:45 so they have time to get settled and be ready for starting at 7PM. I bring people into the heart thread as soon as possible and then I do a brief introduction as to what it is all about. Because I am used to using a format used for meetings, I laid out an agenda for the evening as follows:

Welcome  7: PM

7:05 PM               Silence and HeartThread

7: 10 PM            Sign up list with signature for Confidentiality agreement on it

7: 15 PM             Introductions:      Name, where from, what brought you

7: 20 PM             HeartThread

7: 25 PM               Breath and alignment exercise: What is the HeartThread. Safety. Intent. Trust.

7: 30 PM            First Demonstration

7: 50 PM            Brief sharings

7: 55 PM            HeartThread and Second Demonstration

8: 15 PM             Brief sharings

8: 20 PM            HeartThread and 1st couples 10 min each

8: 40 PM            Second pairing 10 min each

9:00 PM             Closing HeartThread and sharing

So far, I have found that when we enter the HeartThread space as a group, and when the group sees the demonstrations, they will either leave(!) at the point where we divide up into partners and those that stay will experience the magic of the messages that come to them when they are the “practitioner” and the power of what happens when they verbalize the message as the “client”. There are a few who really “get it” in a powerful way.

I found that the evening is very concentrated and there is barely time to do two demonstrations and two turns in the 2 hours. An extra half hour helps, but it is a lot to fit in. It seems important to do two demonstrations as they can be so different and to give the participants at least two opportunities to do a mini session as client and as practitioner.

It is important to stress confidentiality and to ask for testimonials and permission to use them.

I send the email and phone list to participants and encourage them to call and pair up and make appointments to do follow up sessions together, taking turns to be the client and practitioner.

I am planning on doing a regular evening every two weeks or so to build a group and give opportunities to practice.

I am planning to also follow up with full day workshops where we have more time for exercises and sessions. It is good to stress the important of the HeartThread principles and components but not to talk too much.

I promote the event on Facebook, email and fliers and put notices in the local paper and send PSAs to local radio stations

let me know what you think or if you have or want any suggestions for trying it out yourself

Raphael Weisman

Dear Practitioners

HeartThread practitioners:

Lately I have been fortunate to have had some conversations with John Henry and have, in a sense, been invited to share some of the conversations or “downloads” with you.

  1. It is important to move HeartThread forward in the world now, in whatever way we each can do so.
  2. Small “successes” are the building blocks of how this can happen. Not for the sake of success  in terms of success or failure, but so that there begins the growth of a “community of the Heart”
    1. One way to do this is to hold community events where we teach people how to use the HeartThread. This can be done by us as individuals, or in areas where there are a few practitioners, as a cooperative effort. We follow up afterwords and get feedback and testimonials which we put on the blog. We offer the CDs for sale and share info on the readings and SoulSupport.
    2. I will be creating a “curriculum” or agenda for myself for how I plan to present the workshop I am doing in Taos on the 25th March. If it proves to be a “successful” formula you are welcome to use it as a template for your event. Or create your own or any combination.
    3. Use the local radio stations, especially the Public Radio stations that have Public Service Announcements (PSAs), local newspapers and flyers to publicize the event. Activate your personal network of friends and family. Send personal invitations by mail, email, FaceBook and phone calls. Contact organizations that deal with social issues that can benefit from using the process with clients, such as domestic violence “victims”, the homeless, veterans, child advocacy, animal welfare, men’s groups etc. Invite massage therapists and practitioners of energetic healing to see if this tool might be useful in their practice. JeAnne can offer advice on how she integrates HeartThread. Invite and welcome radio and newspaper interviews, write brief articles and PSAs. Share your personal experiences with the HeartThread and how it has benefitted you. Be willing to be seen and heard.
    4. Everyone with whom we share HeartThread is member of the Community of the Heart. They will help to spread it around the world. You will be amazed whom they know! There are many groups working with Light and the Heart. Share with them and invite them to join us in spinning the Pillar and using the HeartThread.
    5. Adapt your special gifts to incorporate HeartThread. If your passion is babies, use HeartThread to help parents and babies, if it is with animals, find ways to integrate HeartThread into your time with them.
    6. We are no longer working alone. The Beings of Light work with us and through us. It is not “me” but “we” that does sessions, workshops and training. The guides and angels in the invisible are helping us all the way, feeding us messages and directing our healing. They  are present at our sessions as are the gifts and talents we have accumulated from all our lifetimes. There is a tremendous network of support available to us. They desire that we be free so we can affect the quotient of Light on the planet. They want us to ask for their help and they are asking us for our help. We are a team.
    7. Trust that that support is always there when you create an intention to do HeartThread with someone or a group. Remember that when you work with a group, you are creating a strong unified field together that amplifies the vibration.
    8. 2011 is around the corner. Interspecies Day will be held on the 11th November, 2011 (11/11/11) It is when we will see HeartThread done in stadiums around the world and the community of the heart recognize its power and experience Oneness

Raphael Weisman

Transition Guide

Transition Guide-Coach

DeAnna Elliott is skilled in assisting those awaiting or in the process of transition into and out of the physical world.  To say it in another way she can connect with the soul of the infant prior to their entry from the womb to the world and also to those souls across the veil who are wishing to assist  those who are ready to depart from their physical body into the next level of expression.  In addition this includes those in life experience transition from one level of expression into another.

Her training for these skills comes in two ways.  First she helped walk every member of her family through their dying process over a span of 27 years beginning at the age of 27.  At that time her mother and brother both died of cancer close together.  Her attention was fully engaged in their dying processes until they were fully complete.  Twenty seven years later she put her attention on her fathers dying process in a spiritual community called Crestone, Colorado.  In this case she was able to have her father’s body in the home for three days prior to cremation.  During that time his body was washed with lemon water and then anointed with shea butter and sandalwood oil. An altar was created in the same room to acknowledge not only her father but the spiritual beings who had been invited to assist with the process while Gregorian Chants were being played near by. On the fourth day he was cremated in an open-air cremation in a spiritual center in the area..  In comparison to the traditional cremation process that had taken place for her mother and brother there was no comparison in the amazing experience she had with her fathers passing.  In this experience she actually felt she could in some  limited way span the distance between the veils to escort her father to his destination.  There was still grieving to do but compared to that with her mother and brother it was quite different.  She feels that is because she actually had the opportunity to participate with the process that took place for her father.

Second, since 1982 she has been certifying practitioners to teach the art of infant massage to new families as a trainer for Infant Massage USA.  She has worked with thousands of families and their infants in the process of incorporating massage therapy into their daily routine.  Infants have been her teachers for many years.  In this regard she produced a documentary Womb to the called  Cellular Echoes, Environmental Influences in the Journey From the World.  The subject of this film is the imprinting process that occurs at a cellular level from the moment of conception.  Included is tribal birth wisdom in contrast to contemporary scientific understanding in a cross-cultural exploration of this phenomena.  Her intention with the production of this documentary is to assist people to understand cell memory and how all entry experiences are held in the tissue.  These imprints then become reference points for attitudes and behaviors in the personality.  It is DeAnna’s intention to further this documentary to include the imprinting that occurs at the end of life transition as well.  Something she learned while assisting her father to make his transition from his body into the formless expression.

IF you are needing assistance with transition on any level, including from one stage of life into another, DeAnna  has much depth of understanding to offer as well as many tools that can make this process one of discovery and joy rather than one surrounded by fear.

Coaching services:


In these sessions the father is seated so he is behind the mother embracing her while she holds the infant in her arms.  The family is an integral part of the healing session for the infant.  DeAnna identifies the aspects of the birthing experience that may have caused wounding for the infant  and then identifies the areas of the infant’s body that hold the trauma.  The mother places her hands on that area and healing angels and guides are invited to energetically heal those places in the baby.  The father provides the outer envelope of protection during the session.  These sessions can also be done by phone.

  1. Inviting a soul to be part of your family while they are still residing in spirit.
  1. Communicating with the soul during the birthing process.
  1. Assisting the soul to anchor fully into the body.
  1. Assisting the incoming soul to enter the earth plane without going through the layers of forgetting who they are so they can fully offer their gifts and live their potential from the minute they get here.  This is also known as retaining their God connection so the identity is not with separation from God.
  1. Offering circuitry alignment sessions for the newborn and the dying to fully integrate the soul pattern into the physical body.  These sessions are a gentle energy   process.  Points are held in different parts of the body and the energy runs into system.
  1. Teaching the family how to massage the body of infants assisting with any entry traumas that might need to be released as well as provide parents with a tool they can use to calm and comfort their newborn as they adjust to their new bodies.
  1. Teaching the family to do gentle stroking for the elder who is soon to depart the body to also ease the process for them.
  1. Providing grief canceling for those who has lost a loved one.  If desired assessing the spirit of the one departed to assist with understanding of their process.

To make an appointment call or email DEANNA at 719-256-4455 home or 719-588-0680.  Email is