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Congratulations to our latest HeartThread Practitioners, who recently graduated from our HeartThread Training in Bernalillo, NM February 10th-12th, 2017. All demonstrated full competency as practitioners and are ready to begin their certification process of offering 10 free HeartThread sessions. If you are interested in receiving a session, please contact us.


(Left to right) Henry, Raphael, Nameh, Karen, Donna Carol

   Rhoda, Ana, Aeveia, Cassandra

Congratulations to Rhoda Mitchell, our newest Practitioner Trainer (that’s her with the big smile!)


Our next HeartThread Practitioner Training will be in Evergreen, CO second weekend of March 2017 (March 10th – 12th) Call Raphael (575 770 1228) if you would like to attend or for more details


Note From the Founder of HeartThread, Flo Magdalena:

Dear HeartThread Practitioners and Facilitators

I have had the honor of being invited by Karen Trujillo and Raphael Weisman to join them at the upcoming HeartThread Facilitators Training in New Mexico, February 10-12 in Bernalillo.

Since I have not many of you and have heard great things about your dedication and commitment to HeartThread, we though it might be auspicious if we had some time to get to know each other and to share our stories, hearts, and visions.

Karen has graciously opened her home on Thursday, the 9th of February for us to can come together for a potluck supper and a joyful Re-Union of the heart. I do hope you’ll attend the afternoon program and join us for supper. Both events are at her home in Bernalillo.

We are also extending an invitation to you to join us for the training weekend. Whether you have recently attended a training or it has been some time since you trained, this field of co-creation will support us all in deep and expansive ways. Join us as we bring together a field of the Heart that will further empower and enhance both our individual gifts and offerings and our work with others in the world.

If you have recently attended a training the exchange for the weekend is $100.00. If you have trained in the last year, the exchange is $200.00. If you have trained with me in prior years and would like to audit or retake the course, the exchange is $300.00.

I look forward to sharing this time with you to grow together in our support of each others’ individual experiences and visions, and to deepening the field we share that brings HeartThread everywhere in the world.

In the Heart of the One,

Flo Aeveia


HeartThread Practitioner Training

Become certified in HeartThread, a transformational modality that transmits a vibration of Love, Safety, Self-Authority and Connection. This simple technique allows us to release old patterns of conditioning and supports us in living our full potential within the field of the heart. This modality is a powerful tool for those in the healing & therapeutic fields. Join Flo Aeveia Magdalena, the founder of Soul Support Systems and HeartThread, and Practitioner Trainers Karen Trujillo-Heffernan and Raphael Weisman in this golden opportunity to become a certified HeartThread Practitioner. Build your self-authority, a deeper relationship with your own guidance and with the Angel John Henry who developed this modality and transmitted it as a practice through Aeveia. Learn a skill that can offer you a potential income as you develop your own practice and join the HeartThread family.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday February 10-12, 2017

9am -6 pm each day        $700

Training offered through Soul Support Systems (

Location: Surfin’ Your Soul Studios

1019a S Camino Del Pueble, Bernalillo NM 87004

Call Karen Trujillo-Heffernan (949)547-4066 to register & receive additional information

Thursday February 9, 2017

Creating Peace From The Heart

Practical ways To Directly Affect Your Reality

Meet Flo Aeveia Magdalena the founder of HeartThread and learn about this transformational modality that utilizes the field of the heart to create lasting change in your entire being.


Flo will also be presenting messages from John Henry, the Angel who taught us the practice of HeartThread. Flo will be joining Raphael Weisman & Karen Trujillo-Heffernan 2/10-2/13 as they train new HeartThread Practitioners.

Call for precise location (offered in the Albuquerque area)

1-3 PM           $20 suggested donation

6 – 9 PM

Potluck and Fireside HeartThread Chat

Learn about HeartThread and meet the local HeartThread Community

All HeartThread Practitioners Invited

Free and open to thePublic

All Thursday through Sunday events at Surfin’ Your Soul Studios

1019a S Camino Del Pueblo, Bernalillo NM 87004

Please call Karen Trujillo-Heffernan at (949) 547 4066 for directions and information

Sunday 12th February, 3 – 5 PM Free HeartThread sessions for the Public


In September 2015, Karen Trujillo Heffernan and Raphael Weisman began a series of HeartThread Facilitator trainings in Santa Fe, NM and Boulder CO.

New HeartThread Practitioners who completed their training since September, 2015

The following are graduates of the trainings: September, 2015


(Rear, left to right) Phoenix Armijo Sanchez, Sky (Todd) Nixon, Jan, Kristi Gray. Glenda Frye (front, left to right) Peter Fisk and son Steele, Karen Trujillo Heffernan (trainer)


November 2015: (left to right) Esme Olivia VaanDrager, Rhoda Mitchell, Francine DiGeorgio, (Karen – trainer) Natural (Travis Huntley), (Raphael Weisman-trainer)


Boulder CO: January, 2016 (l to r) – Alberto Manuli, Azlan White, Rhoda Mitchell (assistant), Raphael Weisman (trainer), Mark Hoge

Also from Boulder, 2016 :

Dr Patti Ashley, Ph.D. LPC                                                                                                     Breakthrough Psychotherapy & Parent Coaching                                                                      Author of the book: Living in the Shadow of the Too-Good Mother Archetype

Santa Fe, NM:
Lisa Farrand, Healer and Animal Communicator

Santa Fe NM, November 2016

Raphael, Karen, Kim Marsin, Trevor Lumley (front) Sitara Trumbull, Pat Harthun, Page Amarita Bancroft
To see individual bios, photos and contact info, click here

One thought on “Practitioner Training

  1. templeofavalon

    My experience of facilitating is like a clear liquid waterfall where I can “forget myself,” and allow something else wiser, greater, clearer, cleaner and liquid to wash over me and through me. i share my intent to share healing energy and yet surrender my egoic mind over to a divine flow of wisdom that seems to come from an angel of the heart–like a waterfall of loving wisdom poured and washed over my client. I have been an intuitive counselor for over 20 years and this addition is a deep soulful addition–deepening my practice like no other modality has deepened it in a long time–like a small miracle in my pocket! Thank You Raphael for your clear presence and willingness to “jump into the fire,” the water and love love love . . . .. with all your heart!
    Thank You! Your wisdom is so welcome here! Thank You!

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