HeartThread Testimonial from Isa

I have experienced my first HearThread session about 2 weeks ago from Raphael. This modality will recalibrate your system to the highest codes that are living in your heart, the codes of your soul evolution. Possibly your mind does not hear them clearly in your ordinary consciousness because at this time on Earth we are still listening to thoughts rather than those still mysterious messages of the heart. We are not yet used to this language for ourselves… still in need of radical transformation of what we believe in… When someone else reads for you the codes that are embedded in your own heart, you may listen with greater attention, you may believe more firmly what you heart is telling you, it is all about the alignment between your conscious mind and your soul – the soul ready to be wholeheartedly embodied ❤️  Isa V

HeartThread Practitioner Trainings and Events

Raphael Weisman (575) 770 1228  HeartThread Introductions & Workshops:

Santa Fe, Saturday March 10th

Boulder, Saturday April 21st

HeartThread Practitioner Trainings  – Santa Fe/Albuquerque and Boulder, CO

Santa Fe/Albuquerque NM – March 23rd – 25th,

Boulder CO Area April 21st-23rd

Joy Regina Melchizedek – (717) 449 3256 

HeartThread Practitioner Trainings  – Harrisburg, PA and Michigan

May 18th to the 20th (PA) – July 20th to the 22nd (PA) and Sept. 14th to the 16th(MI)

Karen Trujillo-Heffernan –  (949) 547 4066

HeartThread Practitioner Trainings – Solana Beach CA & Hawaii

Solana Beach, CA March 9th -11th

Hawaii, Kihei area, May 10th – 12th

Flo Aeveia Magdalena – (802) 722 9554 

Call or visit www.SoulSupportSystems.org for updates on HeartThread Trainings and events

Call trainers for more info 

HeartThread Workshop,”Preparing for the Shift”


This is the essence of HeartThread.
Experience HeartThread for yourself.
Release the imprints of conditioning, trauma and abuse
stored in the cells of the body
through the unconditional Field of the Heart
Are you ready for a new experience of yourself as a sovereign being, living in self authority in the coming year and beyond?
This reality is available to you now with the guidance and assistance of your Angelic Guardians and their messages to Humanity.

We will play a recorded channeling by Flo Aeveia Magdalena called Preparing for the Shift in which she channels the Council of Light, The Galactic Federation and the Star Nations with messages and tools for these times. Flo is the founder of HeartThread and Soul Support Systems, and author of I Remember Union, the story of Mary Magdalen and will be visiting New Mexico for a HeartThread Practitioner Training the following week and offering channeled presentations. HeartThread is a program of Soul Support Systems 

Flier is below

First Sunday of the month at The Casita

Preparing For The Shift – a HeartThread Workshop

with Raphael Weisman
1 – 5 PM
Sunday, February 5th,
& Sunday, March 5th
at The Casita, The Healing House,
313 Camino Alire, Santa Fe, NM 87501
$30 ($10 goes to support the Casita)
To Register, please contact
Raphael (575) 770 1228


Flo Aeveia Magdalena and HeartThread Practitioner Training

Thursday February 9, 2017

Creating Peace From The Heart

Practical ways To Directly Affect Your Reality

Meet Flo Aeveia Magdalena the founder of HeartThread and learn about this transformational modality that utilizes the field of the heart to create lasting change in your entire being.


Flo will also be presenting messages from John Henry, the Angel who taught us the practice of HeartThread. Flo will be joining Raphael Weisman & Karen Trujillo-Heffernan 2/10-2/13 as they train new HeartThread Practitioners.

Call for precise location (offered in the Albuquerque area)

1-3 PM           $20 suggested donation

Call Karen Trujillo-Heffernan at (949) 547 4066 for more information on the event as well as the HeartThread Practitioner training which will be held at Surfin’ Your Soul Studios in

Bernalillo NM


Friday, Saturday, Sunday February 10-12, 2017

HeartThread Practitioner Training


Become certified in HeartThread, a transformational modality that transmits a vibration of Love, Safety, Self-Authority and Connection. This simple technique allows us to release old patterns of conditioning and supports us in living our full potential within the field of the heart. This modality is a powerful tool for those in the healing & therapeutic fields.

9am -6 pm each day


Training offered through Soul Support Systems (www.soulsupportsystems.org)

Location: Surfin’ Your Soul Studios

1019a S Camino Del Pueble, Bernalillo NM 87004

Call Karen Trujillo-Heffernan (949)547-4066 to register & receive additional information


HeartThread Intro Evening, Testimonials and Upcoming Training

Judith Coleman completed her training as a HeartThread Practitioner this past weekend (September 30-Oct 2nd 2016.  Here is an account of her first day back at work where she incorporated HeartThread into her therapy session with a client on her return to New Hampshire:

“The THIRD heart thread I did today blew me away because she spontaneously said she now feels so connected with everything, like the pictures of the airline routes across the country, but also within the earth and the galaxies. Plus she then said it felt like a pattern had broken inside her cells — and I hadn’t even told her, because I forgot, that this is the purpose! 

Below is a you tube testimonial from her about the training. Judith is a psychotherapist specializing in trauma.


The next HeartThread Facilitator Trainings and Free Sessions
Nov. 4th – 6th, 2016
at Integrative Chiropractic
826 Camino De Monte Rey, Suite A6, Santa Fe NM
Become a HeartThread practitioner and:
Earn an income stream by offering HeartThread sessions or incorporating HeartThread into your current practice.
Develop a strong relationship to your inner guidance. Live in the Field of the Heart with Ease and Grace. Release self doubt and develop Self Authority.
Become an Ambassador of the Heart
Friday, 6 – 9 PM
Saturday 9 AM- 8 PM
Sunday, 9 – 15PM and
3-5 PM (Free sessions to the public)
Training fee is $600
(Payment plans and pay-as-you-earn options available)
Call Raphael (575) 770 1228 or
Karen (949) 547 4066 for details, to schedule an appointment for a HeartThread session and to register.


Here are some more video testimonials of HeartThread sessions at Unify Fest:


Latest Testimonials

Here is the latest testimonial I received from a guest at the Sunrise Springs Integrative Wellness Resort in Santa Fe from my most recent HeartThread presentation and sessions:

Thank you again for the work you did with me and David last week

As a mental health professional, I was a bit guarded about attending a HeartThread session with Raphael.  While staying at Sunrise Springs Resort in August of 2016, my husband and I thought we would try something new together, and I’m very happy we attended a HeartThread session with Raphael.  He truly has a unique gift, and provided us both with insight, compassion, and guidance that really did fit for us, given where we were in our lives.   I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone open to inviting inspiration, guidance, and healing.  Remember to record the session, if you are able.

Kathy, Ph.D.


“Raphael’s healing touch, compassion and attunement to the highest good have been a healing balm for myself, my family and the community at large. His gifts are many and his heart is so big. He is a blessing to have around”
Amata of Amata Chiropractic.


“I am still processing the information you gave me at Sunrise Springs last week. It was exactly what I needed to hear and has helped to keep me grounded. I only wish there had been an opportunity to record or write down all the information. It has been hard to reenter the phrenetic world of Los Angeles after such a spiritual experience.
Here is my testimonial”:
I was somewhat skeptical as I first sat down for my Heart Thread session with Raphael Weisman but it was soon very clear to me that he does indeed channel information and guidance from those on a higher spiritual plane. I am still processing what I heard but that advice has evoked a calmness and grounding I have not experienced for some time. Thank you      
Marilyn M.