Testimonials from Unify Fest:






Here is an email sent by Dena to her students following a recent HeartThread phone session after a recommendation from Nicole (see below)

Hello Lovelies,

As all of you are aware, after a fall (two years ago), I have been in extreme pain which has limited my activities. Night time has been the worst… I spent every evening nearly in tears. I have been on medication for over a year and a half for nerve pain… had 3 spinal epidurals and still have barely been barely eking by. This past Thursday (at the advice from 2 very close friends) I had a ‘Heart Thread’ session with Raphael (see below). Since my session (over the phone for one hour), pain levels dropped from a 7-8 (on a 1-10 scale) to a 1 or 2!!

The session went like this:

A quick hello… followed by a beautiful meditation and calling in ‘unseen helpers’ (angels and such)… and then you simply repeat whatever Raphael says. That’s it! He promptly sends you an MP3 recording so that you can listen again.

What does he say? No doubt this is different for each person, but some of mine was, “Oh my poor neck and shoulders… you have been so tight… all of that tension can just melt away…”. He also ‘brought in’ my mother and my younger self to clear issues there.        Much of the ‘language’ that he used was TOTALLY from my dictionary (ease and grace, Sacred Body Temple, not good or bad – right or wrong…) It was outstanding!          Raphael went in ‘blind’ (I mean, we did not speak of my spine issues, mother issues, etc)

If you have physical, emotional or mental pain, suffer from trauma, fear, drama, (who doesn’t??) really anything that you perceive as a ‘holdback’ please check out Raphael’s work and see if it speaks to you.


From Ana


Thank you for the HeartThread “Soul Retrieval” yesterday. I slept better than I have slept in weeks! I am learning to communicate from the heart…..slowing down….allowing others their heart space! The session is brilliant in that I don’t have to sit and tell my story; you somehow channel exactly what needs to be said at the present time without my story and we meet in that heart weaving place, and it is medicine.


I have had two wonderful HeartThread healings with Lisa Farrand. I have felt so much shifting and continue to. There was a release in my TMJ and ears, and pain in throat was gone. I have felt more motivated and positive/connected to my true self. So truly thankful to Lisa and the incredible healer that she is, and her beautiful heart she shares with all!

iisd_logoHere is a testimonial for Lisa Farrand’s first professional HeartThread session. Lisa just completed the HeartThread Facilitator training last Sunday, 12th June.
Congratulations Lisa, your work is special. You really understand the simple, soft power of HeartThread. One of the young people from Eagle Rock School in Estes Park, CO said “It’s the softness of it that is its strength”. I love that. Lisa is already a healing practitioner and also an animal communicator. She now has added HeartThread to her set of skills.


“My name is Grace. I am 66 years old and I have received a lot of energetic healing over my lifetime.

I have worked with Lisa Farrand off and on for a few years. She is one of the best!
Lisa’s touch, her strong heart, her love and connection to the natural world, and her ability to listen for the deeper messages for her clients has always moved me way beyond my limited view of myself, way beyond the patterns of trauma and separation.

I received a Heart Thread healing two days ago from Lisa, and all I can say is for the first time in my life, I feel truly free of the cellular impressions, confusion, doubt, physical pain and self hatred so linked to childhood abuse and trauma.

I have always felt that those experiences wired me up wrong, and today I can feel that I am ‘wired’ correctly.
I feel able and excited, with the courage that I had lost, to let go of the old story and step into my glorious new life!

Thank you Lisa!

I happened to run into Grace this evening and she was glowing about the effect of the session, three days before. “It changed my life,” she said (RW)


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